You should choose one title from the list below:

1. Critically explore the view that there is no aspect of contemporary sport that remains untouched and damaged by celebrity culture.

2. Analyse the impact of the relationship between globalization and sport since 1976, using case studies of sporting mega events to support your answer.

3. Evaluate the impact and value of social theory on the understanding of modern sport with reference to at least two critical approaches.

4. Why is sport deemed crucial in the forging of national identity in an age of global sport? Use examples from at least two sports to illustrate your answer. You need not restrict your responses to purely considering the case of England.

5. Consider the view that the continued growth and success of British sport is heavily reliant on television for its survival and diversification.

6. Critically consider the view that international post-war sport has been heavily influenved by the tensions of international politics between 1956 and 1992.

7. The individual, emotional pull of sports lie in their precious capacity to contribute to and make, not stand apart from, social contexts and meanings. (Tomlinson 2011) Discuss

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